Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications – Kenneth H. Rosen – 7th Edition


The goal of this text is a focused introduction to the primary themes in a discrete course, as introduced through extensive , expansive discussion, and detailed exercise sets. These themes include mathematical reasoning, combinatorial analysis, discrete structures, algorithmic thinking, and enhanced problem-solving skills through .

Its intent is to demonstrate the relevance and practicality of discrete mathematics to all . The fifth edition includes a more thorough and linear presentation of logic, proof types and proof , and mathematical reasoning. This enhanced coverage will provide students with a solid understanding of the material as it relates to their immediate field of study and other relevant subjects. The inclusion of applications and examples to key topics has been significantly addressed to add clarity to every subject.

True to the fourth edition, the text specific site supplements the subject matter in meaningful ways, offering additional material for students and instructors. Discrete math is an active subject with new discoveries made every year. The continual growth and updates to the web site reflect the active nature of the topics being discussed. This text is designed for a one- or two-term introductory discrete mathematics course to be taken by students in a wide variety of majors, including computer science, mathematics, and . College is the only explicit prerequisite.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01 The Foundations: Logic and Proofs
Chapter 02 Basic Structures: Sets, Functions, Sequences, Sums, and Matrices
Chapter 03 Algorithms
Chapter 04 Number Theory and Cryptography
Chapter 05 Induction and Recursion
Chapter 06 Counting
Chapter 07 Discrete Probability
Chapter 08 Advanced Counting Techniques
Chapter 09 Relations
Chapter 10 Graphs
Chapter 11 Trees
Chapter 12 Boolean Algebra
Chapter 13 Modeling Computation
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