Discrete Mathematics – Johnsonbaugh – 6th Edition


This book and its were designed for an introductory in , the prerequisites of formal mathematics are minimal; no is required. There are no requirements of science. The book includes examples, exercises, figures, , problem solving sections, sections containing suggestions for problem solving, review sections, notes, chapter review, self-assessments, and computer exercises to help the to master discrete mathematics.

This edition, like the previous ones, includes topics like , combinatorics, sets, and mathematical induction to cover the needs of these groups. It also takes into account the understanding and construction of evidence and, in general, the reinforcement of mathematic maturity.

Table of Contents

1. Logic and Proofs.
2. The Language of Mathematics
3. Relations.
4. Algorithms.
5. Introduction to Number Theory.
6. Counting Methods and the Pigeonhole Principle.
7. Recurrence Relations.
8. Graph Theory.
9. Trees.
10. Network Models.
11. Boolean Algebras and Combinatorial Circuits.
12. Automata, Grammars, and Languages.
13. Computational Geometry.
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