Dynamics of Framed Structures – Grover L. Rogers – 1st Edition


My purpose in writing this book has been to present in a logical manner an introductory exposition of the theory of as it pertains to the special of beams and rigid frames.

Many others before me have written text books on applied dynamics, but in every case it has seemed that either the orientation of the work was much more toward the of of aircaft than was satisfactory for structural engineerts or the mathematical employed were not such as to give to the subject the generality that it requered.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Dynamic distrurbances
Chapter 2: Structure with one degree of freedom
Chapter 3: Structures with two degrees of freedom
Chapter 4: Structures with many degrees of freedom
Chapter 5: Free vibrations of slender, elastic beams
Chapter 6: Inelastic beams and corrections to the theory of elastic beams
Chapter 7: Beams subjected to arbitrary disturbances
Chapter 8: Continuous beams
Chapter 9: Rigid frames
Chapter 10: Floor systems
Chapter 11: Energy methods in structural dynamics

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