Electric Circuits – James W. Nilsson – 10th Edition


The first edition of Electric Circuits, an introductory circuits text, was published in 1983. It included 100 worked examples and about 600 problems. It did not include a workbook, supplements for PSpice or MultiSim, or any web support. Support for instructors was limited to a for the problems and enlarged copies of many text figures, suitable for making transparencies.

Much has changed in the 31 years since first appeared, and during that time this text has evolved to better meet the needs of both students and their instructors. As an example, the text now includes about 150 worked examples, about 1850 problems, and extensive supplements and web content. The tenth edition is designed to revise and improve the material presented in the text, in its supplements, and on the web. Yet the fundamental goals of the text are unchanged.

Designed for use in a one or two-semester Introductory or Theory Course taught in Electrical or Computer Engineering Departments. 10/e is the most widely used introductory circuits textbook of the past 25 years. As this book has evolved to meet the changing styles of students, the underlying teaching approaches and philosophies remain unchanged.

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  • Brief Contents
    List of Examples xiii
    Preface xvii
    Chapter 1 Circuit Variables 2
    Chapter 2 Circuit Elements 24
    Chapter 3 Simple Resistive Circuits 56
    Chapter 4 Techniques of Circuit Analysis 88
    Chapter 5 The Operational Amplifier 144
    Chapter 6 Inductance, Capacitance, and Mutual Inductance 174
    Chapter 7 Response of First-Order RL and RC Circuits 212
    Chapter 8 Natural and Step Responses of RLC Circuits 264
    Chapter 9 Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis 304
    Chapter 10 Sinusoidal Steady-State Power Calculations 358
    Chapter 11 Balanced Three-Phase Circuits 396
    Chapter 12 Introduction to the Laplace Transform 426
    Chapter 13 The Laplace Transform in Circuit Analysis 464
    Chapter 14 Introduction to Frequency Selective Circuits 520
    Chapter 15 Active Filter Circuits 556
    Chapter 16 Fourier Series 602
    Chapter 17 The Fourier Transform 642
    Chapter 18 Two-Port Circuits 676
    Appendix A The Solution of Linear Simultaneous Equations 703
    Appendix B Complex Numbers 723
    Appendix C More on Magnetically Coupled Coils and Ideal Transformers 729
    Appendix D The Decibel 737
    Appendix E Bode Diagrams 739
    Appendix F An Abbreviated Table of Trigonometric Identities 757
    Appendix G An Abbreviated Table of Integrals 759
    Appendix H Common Standard Component Values 761
    Answers to Selected Problems 763
    Index 779
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