Electric Machinery – Fitzgerald – 6th Edition


The exciting new sixth edition of “ Machinery” has been extensively updated while retaining the emphasis on fundamental principles and understanding that has been the outstanding feature of this classic book. This book covers fundamental concepts in detail as well as advanced topics for readers who wish to cover the material in more depth.

Several new chapters have been added, including a chapter on electronics, as well as one on speed and torque of DC and AC motors. This edition has also been expanded with additional examples and problems. The use of has been introduced to the new edition, both in examples within the text as well as in the chapter problems.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Magnetic Circuits and Magnetic Materials
Chapter 2 Transformers
Chapter 3 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles
Chapter 4 Introduction to Rotating Machines
Chapter 5 Synchronous Machines
Chapter 6 Polyphase Induction Machines
Chapter 7 DC Machines
Chapter 8 Variable-Reluctance Machines and Stepping Motors
Chapter 9 Single and Two-phase Motors
Chapter 10 Introduction to Power Electronics
Chapter 11 Speed and Torque Control
Appendix A Three-phase Circuits
Appendix B Voltages, Magnetic Fields and Inductances of Distributed AC Windings
Appendix C The dqo Transformation
Appendix D Engineering Aspects of Practical Electric Machine Performance and Operation
Appendix E Table of Constants and Conversion Factors for SI Units

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