Electric Machines and Electromechanics (Schaum’s Outline) – Syed A. Nasar – 2nd Edition


Over 50;000 copies of this powerful study guide were sold in the first edition! Covering a wide range of topics; from simple DC magnetic circuits to electronic of DC and AC motors; all concepts and their are clearly explained and illustrated.

This work includes hundreds of with specific to help quickly learn and raise test scores without spending unnecessary time. It is ideal for of electrical engineering; for individual studies and as a review.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Magnetic Circuits
Chapter 2 : Power Transformers
Chapter 3 : Electromechanical Systems
Chapter 4 : DC Machines
Chapter 5 : Polyphase Induction Motors
Chapter 6 : Synchronous Machines
Chapter 7 : Single-Phase Motors and Permanent Magnet Machines
Chapter 8 : Electronic Control of Motors

Appendix A : Units Conversion
Appendix B : Characteristics of Single-Film-Coated, Rounded, Magnet Wire
Appendix C : Characteristics of Magnetic Materials and Permanent Magnets

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