Electromagnetic Fields – J. Van Bladel – 2nd Edition


Professor Jean Van Bladel, an eminent researcher and educator in fundamental electromagnetic theory and its application in , has updated and expanded his definitive text and on electromagnetic fields to twice its original content.

This new edition incorporates the latest methods, theory, formulations, and that relate to today’s . With an emphasis on and a focus on electromagnetic formulation and analysis, Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition includes detailed discussions of electrostatic fields, potential theory, in waveguides and unbounded space, scattering by obstacles, penetration through apertures, and field behavior at high and low frequencies.

Table of Contents

1. Linear Analysis.
2. Variational Techniques.
3. Electrostatic Fields in the Presence of Dielectrics.
4. Electrostatic Fields in the Presence of Conductors.
5. Special Geometries for the Electrostatic Field.
6. Magnetostatic Fields.
7. Radiation in Free Space.
8. Radiation in a Material Medium.
9. Plane Boundaries.
10. Resonators.
11. Scattering: Generalities.
12. Scattering: Numerical Methods.
13. High- and Low-Frequency Fields.
14. Two-Dimensional Problems.
15. CylindricalWaveguides.
16. Axisymmetric and Conical Boundaries.
17. Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.

Appendix 1. Vector Analysis in Three Dimensions.
Appendix 2. Vector Operators in Several Coordinate Systems.
Appendix 3. Vector Analysis on a Surface.
Appendix 4. Dyadic Analysis.
Appendix 5. Special Functions.
Appendix 6. Complex Integration.
Appendix 7. Transforms.
Appendix 8. Distributions.
Appendix 9. Some Eigenfunctions and Eigenvectors.
Appendix 10. Miscellaneous Data.
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