Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design – Donald A. Neamen – 2nd Edition


This junior-level electronics text provides a foundation for analyzing and analog and digital electronic circuits. and design are recognized as significant factors in electronics throughout the book.

The use of computer is presented carefully, alongside the important hand analysis and calculations. The author, Don , has many years experience as an enginering educator and an . His experience shines through each chapter of the book, rich with realistic examples and practical rules of thumb. The book is divided into three parts.

Part 1 covers semiconductor devices and basic applications. Part 2 covers more in analog electronics, and Part 3 considers digital electronic circuits.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Semiconductor Devices and Basic Applications

Chapter 1 - Semiconductor Materials and Diodes
Chapter 2 - Diode Circuits
Chapter 3 - The Bipolar Junction Transistor
Chapter 4 - Basic BJT Amplifiers
Chapter 5 - The Field Effect Transistor
Chapter 6 - Basic FET Amplifiers
Chapter 7 - Frequency Response
Chapter 8 - Basic Electronic Circuits: Applications and Design

Part 2 - Analog Electronics

Chapter 9 - The Ideal Operational Amplifier
Chapter 10 - Integrated Circuits: Advanced Concepts
Chapter 11 - Differential and Multistage Amplifiers
Chapter 12 - Feedback and Stability
Chapter 13 - Analog Integrated Circuits
Chapter 14 - Nonideal Effects in Analog Integrated Circuits
Chapter 15 - Applications and Design of Integrated Circuits

Part 3 - Digital Electronics

Chapter 16 - FET Digital Circuits
Chapter 17 - Bipolar Digital Circuits
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