Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory – Robert Boylestad – 10th Edition


Highly accurate and thoroughly updated, this book has set the standard in and theory for over 28 years. Boylestad and Nashelsky offer readers a complete and comprehensive survey of electronics and circuits, focusing on all the essentials they will need to succeed on the job. This very readable book is supported by strong, helpful learning cues and content that is ideal for new workers in this rapidly changing field. Its colorful layout boasts a large number of stunning photographs. Topics covered include: semiconductor diodes, BJT devices, DC biasing, FET devices, Op-Amp applications, power amplifiers, -digital ICs, power supplies and regulators, and other two-terminal devices. An excellent reference work for anyone involved with and other circuitry applications, such as electrical and technical engineers.

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  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Current and voltage.
    3. Resistance.
    4. Ohm's law, power and energy.
    5. Circuits in series.
    6. Circuits in parallel.
    7. Series-parallel networks.
    8. Methods of analysis and selected topics (CD).
    9. Network theorems.
    10. Capacitors.
    11. Magnetic circuits.
    12. Inductors.
    13. Alternate sine waveforms.
    14. The basic elements and phasors.
    15. AC circuits in series and in parallel.
    16. Serial-parallel CA networks.
    17. Methods of analysis and selected topics (CA).
    18. Network theorems (CA).
    19. Power (AC).
    20. Resonance.
    21. Transformers.
    22. Polyphase systems.
    23. Decibeles, Filters and Bode Diagrams.
    24. Pulse waveforms and the R-C response.
    25. Non-sinusoidal circuits.
    26. Systems analysis: an introduction.
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