Electronic Devices: Conventional Current Version – Thomas L. Floyd – 9ª Edición


A new full-color edition of this best-selling text! From discrete components to integrated , this popular text takes a strong approach that identifies the circuits and components within a , and helps students see how the circuit relates to the overall function.

(Conventional Current Version), Ninth Edition, provides a solid foundation in basic analog electronics and a thorough introduction to analog integrated circuits and programmable devices. The text identifies the circuits and components within a system, helping students see how the circuit relates to the overall system function. Full-color photos and illustrations and easy-to-follow worked examples support the text’s strong emphasis on real-world application and troubleshooting. Updated throughout, the ninth edition features new GreenTech Applications and a new chapter, “Basic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing.”

Table of Contents

1: Introduction to electronics
2: Diodes and applications
3: Special-purpose diodes
4: Bipolar junction transistors
5: Transistor bias circuits
6: Bjt amplifiers
7: Power amplifiers
8: Field-effect transistors (fets)
9: Fet amplifiers and switching circuits
10: Amplifier frequency response
11: Thyristors
12: The operational amplifier
13: Basic op-amp circuits
14: Special-purpose op-amp circuits
15: Active filters
16: Oscillators
17: Voltage regulators
18: Basic programming concepts for automated testing

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