Electronic Gadgets for The Evil Genius – Bob Iannini – 1st Edition


This much anticipated follow-up to the wildly popular cultclassic Gadgets for the Evil gives basement experimenters 40 all-new projects to tinker with. Following the tried-and-true Evil Genius Series format; each project includes a detailed list of materials; sources for parts; schematics; documentation; and lots of clear; well-illustrated instructions for easy assembly.

The convenient two-column format makes following step-by-step instructions a breeze. Readers will also get a quick briefing on mathematical theory and a simple explanation of operation along with enjoyable descriptions of key topics such as various of acceleration; conditioning; storage; magnetism; and kinetics.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Infrared pulse laser with battery
Chapter 2: High Speed ??Laser Pulse Detector
Chapter 3: Ultra bright green laser project
Charpter 4: 115 VAC, 5 to 50 watt pulsed infrared laser
Chapter 5 Laser Property Guard
Chapter Six: 30- Milliwatt 980- Nanometric Infrared Laser
Chapter 7: High Voltage and High Frequency Controller Module
Chapter 8: negative ion machine with reaction emitter rotor
Chapter 9: Kirlian image project
Chapter 10: plasma etching and burning pen
Chapter 11: How to electrify objects and vehicles.
Charpter 12: electromagnetic pulse gun (EMP)
Charpter 13: microwave cannon
Charpetr 14: induction heater
Chapter 15: 50- Kilovolt laboratory DC supply
Chapter 16: High Impact Magnetic Cannon
Chapter 17: vacuum tube tesla coil project
Chapter 18: Universal Capacitance Discharge Ignition Controller (CDI)
Chapter 19: long-range telephone conversation
Chapter 20: Line Powered
Chapter 21: Remote
Chapter 22: tracking and reference transmitter
Chapter 23: Snooper
Chapter 24: long range FM voice transmitter
Chapter 25: FM pocket radio and television disruptor
Chapter 26: Ozone generator for water treatment
Chapter 27: Therapeutic magnetic push button
Chapter 28: noise curtain generator
Chapter 29: Mental Synchronization Generator
Chapter 30: Alternative Health Multiple Wave Machine
Chapter 31: Mind Mangler
Chapter 32: 500- Milligram Ozone Air Purification System
Chapter 33: Invisible Pain Field Generator
Chapter 34: canine controller
Chapter 35: phaser pain field ultrasonic generator
Chapter 36: Magnetic Distortion Detector
Chapter 37: Body Heat Detector
Chapter 38: Ion and Field Detector
Chapter 39: Light Saber Recycling Station
Chapter 40: Andromeda plasma lamp

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