Electronic – Hambley Allan R. – 2nd Edition


The purpose of this work is to serve as a for the fundamentals courses in electronics studies in electrical and engineering. The frequently adopts the designer’s point of view when explaining circuits, illustrates design tasks with numerous examples, shows how to test circuit designs using SPICE, and provides numerous design with which can practice.

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  • Preface
    1. Introduction
    2. Operational Amplifiers
    3. Diodes and circuits with diodes Design process of a circuit. A function generator.
    4. Bipolar bonding transistors
    5. Field Effect Transistors Design process of a circuit. Multi-stage discrete amplifier.
    6. Digital logic circuits
    7. Differential and multi-stage integrated IC amplifiers
    8. Frequency response
    9. Feedback and oscillators Process of designing a circuit. A pacemaker.
    10. Output stages and power supplies
    11. Active filters and tuned circuits
    12. Wave-forming circuits and data converters Design process of a circuit. A precision ac-dc converter.
    Appendix A) Discrete resistors.
    Appendix B) Specification sheets for the 2N2222A bipolar transistor.
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