Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems – Edwards, Penney – 5th Edition


This accessible, attractive, and interesting book enables readers to first solve those that have the most frequent and interesting applications.

This approach illustrates the standard elementary techniques of solution of equations. Precise and clear-cut statements of fundamental existence and uniqueness theorems allow understanding of their role in this subject.

A strong numerical approach emphasizes that the effective and reliable use of numerical often requires preliminary using standard elementary techniques. The first few sections of most chapters introduce the principle ideas of each topic, with remaining sections devoted to extensions and applications.

Topics covered include first-order differential equations, of higher order, power series methods, Laplace transform methods, linear of differential equations, numerical methods, nonlinear systems and , methods, and Eigenvalues and boundary value problems. For those involved in the fields of , engineering, and mathematics.

Table of Contents

1.- Differential equations of the first order.
2.- Mathematical models and numerical methods.
3.- Linear equations of higher order.
4.- Introduction to systems of differential equations.
5.- Linear systems of differential equations.
6.- Nonlinear systems.
7.- Laplace transform.
8.- Series of powers.
9.- Fourier series.
10.-Own values and problems with conditions at the border.
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