Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: A Combined Approach – Kaufmann & Schwitters – 5th Edition


With a reputation built on clear and concise exposition, numerous examples, and plentiful problem sets, Kaufmann and Schwitters’ ELEMENTARY AND INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA: A APPROACH consistently reinforces the following common thread: learn a skill; practice the skill to help solve equations; and then apply what you have learned to solve application problems.

This traditional, straightforward approach has helped many grasp and apply the fundamental problem-solving skills necessary for future mathematics courses. Algebraic ideas are developed in a sequence, and in an easy-to-read manner, without excessive and formalism.

The Sixth Edition’s open and uncluttered design helps keep focused on the concepts while minimizing distractions. Problems and examples reference a broad range of topics, as well as career areas such as electronics, mechanics, and health, showing students that mathematics is part of everyday life.

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  • 1. Some Basic Concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra.
    2. The Real Numbers.
    3. Equations, Inequalities and Problem Solving.
    4. Formulas and Problem Solving.
    5. Coordinate Geometry and Linear Systems.
    6. Exponents and Polynomials.
    7. Factoring, Solving Equations and Problem Solving.
    8. A Transition from Elementary Algebra to Intermediate Algebra.
    9. Rational Expressions.
    10. Exponents and Radicals.
    11. Quadratic Equations and Inequalities.
    12. Coordinate Geometry: Lines, Parabolas, Circles, Ellipses and Hyperbolas.
    13. Functions.
    14. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
    15. Systems of Equations: Matrices and Determinants.
    16. Miscellaneous Topics: Problem Solving.
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