Elementary Linear Algebra – Howard Anton & Chris Rorres – 10th Edition


This classic treatment of Elementary Linear Algebra presents the in the clearest possible way, examining basic ideas by means of examples and geometrical interpretation. It proceeds from familiar concepts to the unfamiliar, from the to the abstract. Readers consistently praise this outstanding text for its expository style and clarity of presentation.

Clear, accessible, step-by-step explanations make the material crystal clear. The authors spotlight the relationships between concepts to give a unified and complete picture. Established the intricate thread of relationships between systems of equations, matrices, determinants, vectors, linear transformations and eigenvalues.

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  • Chapter 1: Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices
    Chapter 2: Determinants
    Chapter 3: Euclidean Vector Spaces
    Chapter 4: General Vector Spaces
    Chapter 5: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    Chapter 6: Inner Product Spaces
    Chapter 7: Diagonalization and Quadratic Forms
    Chapter 8: Linear Transformations
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