Elementary Statistics – R. Johnson, P. Kuby – 11th Edition


Succeed in with Elementary Statistics! With its down-to-earth style and relevant examples, exercises, and applications, this gives you the tools you need to make the grade in your course. to use MINITAB, Excel, and the TI-83/84 calculator is made easy with output and instructions included throughout the text. Need extra help? A wealth of supplements offers you guided tutorial support, step-by-step video solutions, and immediate feedback.

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  • 1. Statistics
    2. Descriptive Analysis and Presentation of Single-Variable Data
    3. Descriptive Analysis and Presentation of Bivariate Data
    4. Probability
    5. Probability Distributions (Discrete Variables)
    6. Normal Probability Distributions
    7. Sample Variability
    8. Introduction to Statistical Inferences
    9. Inferences Involving One Population
    10. Inferences Involving Two Populations
    11. Applications of Chi-Square
    12. Analysis of Variance
    13. Linear Correlation and Regression Analysis
    14. Elements of Nonparametric Statistics
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