Elementary Statistics – Ron Larson, Betsy Farber – 5th Edition


Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, Fifth Edition, offers our most accessible approach to statistics—with more than 750 graphical displays that illustrate data, readers are able to visualize key concepts immediately. Adhering to the philosophy that learn best by doing, this relies heavily on examples–25% of the examples and exercises are new for this edition. and Farber continue to demonstrate that statistics is all around us and that it’s easy to understand.

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Table of Contents

Part One. Descriptive Statistics

1. Introduction to Statistics
2. Descriptive Statistics
Part Two. Probability & Probability Distributions
3. Probability
4. Discrete Probability Distributions
5. Normal Probability Distributions
Part Three. Statistical Inference
6. Confidence Intervals
7. Hypothesis Testing with One Sample
8. Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples
Part Four. More Statistical Inference
9. Correlation and Regression
10. Chi-Square Tests and the F-Distribution
11. Nonparametric Tests
Appendix A. Alternative Presentation of the Standard Normal Distribution
Appendix B. Tables

  • Table 1 Random Numbers

  • Table 2 Binomial Distribution

  • Table 3 Poisson Distribution

  • Table 4 Standard Normal Distribution

  • Table 5 t-Distribution

  • Table 6 Chi-Square Distribution

  • Table 7 F-Distribution

  • Table 8 Critical Values for the Sign Test

  • Table 9 Critical Values for the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

  • Table 10 Critical Values for the Spearman Rank Correlation

  • Table 11 Critical Values for the Pearson Correlation Coefficient

  • Table 12 Critical Values for the Number of Runs

Appendix C. Normal Probability Plots and Their Graphs

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