Elementary Statistics: A Step By Step Approach – Allan Bluman – 8th Edition


ELEMENTARY STATISTICS: A STEP BY STEP APPROACH is for courses with a basic algebra prerequisite. The is non-theoretical, explaining concepts intuitively and teaching through worked examples and step-by-step instructions. In recent editions, Al Bluman has placed more emphasis on conceptual understanding and understanding results, along with increased focus on Excel, MINITAB, and the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators; technologies commonly used in such courses.

The 8th edition of Bluman provides a significant leap forward in terms of course with McGraw-Hill’s new homework platform, Connect Statistics – Hosted by ALEKS. Statistic instructors served as digital contributors to choose the that will be available, authoring each algorithm and providing stepped out that go into great detail and are focused on areas where students commonly make mistakes. From there, the ALEKS Corporation reviewed each algorithm to ensure accuracy. The result is an homework platform that provides superior content and feedback, allowing students to effectively learn the material being taught.

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  • 1 The Nature of Probability and Statistics
    2 Frequency Distributions and Graphs
    3 Data Description
    4 Probability and Counting Rules
    5 Discrete Probability Distributions
    6 The Normal Distribution
    7 Confidence Intervals and Sample Size
    8 Hypothesis Testing
    9 Testing the Difference Between Two Means, Two Variances, and Two Proportions
    10 Correlation and Regression
    11 Other Chi-Square Tests
    12 Analysis of Variance
    13 Nonparametric Statistics
    14 Sampling and Simulation
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