Elements of Electromagnetics – Matthew Sadiku – 3rd Edition


Designed for the standard sophomore- and junior-level in ,Elements of Electromagnetics, 3/e, continues the highly regarded pedagogical tradition established by its successful previous editions. It offers the most lucid and interesting presentation available of fundamental concepts and in electromagnetics. Revised and updated, this third edition adds a new chapter on modern topics covering microwaves, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, fiber optics, and more. A solutions manual accompanies the text.


· Begins with vector analysis and applies it gradually throughout the text, avoiding the frequent interruptions that occur when mathematical background is interspersed sporadically throughout a text
· Incorporates many helpful pedagogical features including chapter introductions and summaries, boxed formulas, multiple-choice review questions, and thoroughly worked-out examples followed by practice exercises
· Treats mathematical theorems separately from physical concepts, making it easier for students to grasp the theorems
· Devotes an entire chapter to modern computer used in electromagnetics
· Motivates student with more than 100 illustrative examples and over 600 figures
· Provides a balanced presentation of time-varying fields and static fields, preparing students for employment in today’s industrial and sectors

Table of Contents

1. Vector Algebra
2. Coordinate Systems and Transformations
3. Vector Calculus
4. Electrostatic Fields
5. Electric Fields in Material Space
6. Electrostatic Boundary-Value Problems
7. Magneto static Fields
8. Magnetic Forces, Materials, and Devices
9. Maxwell's Equations
10. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
11. Transmission Lines
12. Waveguides
13. Antennas
14. Modern Topics
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