Engineering Economy – L. Blank, A. Tarquin – 4th Edition


This text presents the of economic for its application in the decision-making and constitutes an updated and balanced presentation of economic at the level. Like previous editions, this text contains an appreciable number of new exercises representative of the real world.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basics, terms and graphs
Chapter 2: Factors and their use
Chapter 3: Nominal and effective interest rates and continuing capitalization
Chapter 4: Using Multiple Factors
Chapter 5: Evaluation of present value and capitalized cost
Chapter 6: Evaluation of equivalent annual equivalent value
Chapter 7: Rate-of-return calculations for a single project
Chapter 8: Evaluating Rate of Return for Multiple Alternatives
Chapter 9: Evaluation of the benefit / cost ratio
Chapter 10: Replenishment Analysis
Chapter 11: Bonds.
Chapter 12: Inflation, cost estimation, and indirect cost allocation
Chapter 13: Depreciation and Exhaustion Models
Chapter 14: Basics of Income Taxes
Chapter 15: Economic analysis after tax
Chapter 16: Balance Analysis and Reinstatement Period
Chapter 17: Rationing of capital between independent proposals
Chapter 18: Determining an attractive minimum return rate
Chapter 19: Sensitivity analysis and expected value decisions
Chapter 20: More on variations and decision making under risk

Appendix A: Basics of Using the Microsoft Excel Program
Appendix B: Basic Elements of Accounting and Business Reasons

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