Engineering Electromagnetics – William Hayt, John Buck – 7th Edition


Engineering Electromagnetics is a “classic” that has been updated for electromagnetics in today’s world. It is designed for introductory courses in electromagnetics or field theory at the junior-level, but can also be used as a professional reference. This widely respected book stresses fundamentals and and discusses the material in an understandable, readable way. Numerous illustrations and analogies are provided to the aid the reader in grasping difficult concepts. In addition, independent is facilitated by the presence of many examples and problems.

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Table of Contents

1 Vector analysis
2 Coulob law and electric field strength
3 Electrical flux density, Gaussian law and divergence
4 Energy and potential
5 Current and conductors
6 Dielectrics and capacitance
7 Poisson and Laplace equations
8 The stable magnetic field
9 Magnetic forces, materials and inductance
10 Time variant fields with maxwell equations
11 Transmission lines
12 The uniform plane wave
13 Reflection of flat waves and dispersion
14 Guided waves and radiation

A appendix analysis
B appendix units
C material constants appendix
D sources of the complex permittivity appendix
E answers to odd problems analytical index
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