Engineering Fluid Mechanics – Clayton T. Crowe – 10th Edition


Written by dedicated educators who are also real-life with a passion for the discipline, carefully guides from fundamental fluid concepts to real-world .The Tenth Edition and its accompanying resources deliver a powerful learning that helps develop a conceptual understanding of fluid flow phenomena through lucid physical descriptions, photographs, illustrations, and fully worked example problems. Packed with more than 1,100 problems including open-ended problems and computer-oriented problems this text offers ample opportunities for to apply fluid mechanics principles as they build knowledge in a logical way and enjoy the journey of discovery.

Table of Contents

The 10th edition of Crowe's Engineering Fluid Mechanics will build upon the strengths and success of the 9th edition, including a focus on pedigogical support and deep integration with WileyPLUS, providing considering deeper support for development of conceptual understanding and problem solving.

This new edition retains the hallmark features of Crowe's distinguished history: clarity of coverage, strong examples and practice problems, and comprehensiveness of material, but expands coverage to Computational Fluid Dynamics-a topic missed in earlier editions
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