Engineering Fluid Mechanics – Clayton T. Crowe – 9th Edition


This of Fluid Mechanics by Crowe and Roberson is very well explained and easy to understand for both and instructor. this consists almost all chapter problem and their answer in very precise manner one can understand with little efforts.

This of fluid engineering has been written for the undergraduate engineering . there is sufficient materials for a two course work. in this it is assumed that readers will have an adequate background in , physics, engineering mechanics and

This book contains enough material to allow considerable flexibility in teaching the course.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction.
2 Fluid Properties.
3 Fluid Statics.
4 Flowing Fluids and Pressure Variation.
5 Control Volume Approach and Continuity Equation.
6 Momentum Equation.
7 The Energy Equation.
8 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude.
9 Surface Resistance.
10 Flow in Conduits.
11 Drag and Lift.
12 Compressible Flow.
13 Flow Measurements.
14 Turbomachinery.
15 Flow in Open Channels.
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