Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics – J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige – 5th Edition


A modern text for use in today’s classroom, the review of this classic text continues to provide the same high quality material seen in previous editions. In addition, the fifth edition offers extensively rewritten, updated prose for clarity content, excellent new , outstanding instruction to draw free body diagrams, and new supplements to aid and teaching.

If you think you’ve seen Meriam and Kraige before, take another look: it’s not what you remember it to be … it’s better. For people studying mechanical / civil / aeronautical .

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to dynamics
2. Point Kinematics
3. Kinetics of the material point
4. Kinetics of material point systems
5. Flat kinematics of rigid bodies
6. Flat kinetics of rigid bodies
7. Introduction to the dynamics of rigid bodies in space
8. Vibration and response over time

Appendix A. Moments of inertia of a surface
Appendix B. Moments of Mass Inertia
Appendix C. Selected math topics
Appendix D. Useful Tables
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