Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics – Russell C. Hibbeler – 13th Edition


In his revision of for Engineers, 13e, SI Edition, R.C. Hibbeler empowers students to succeed in the whole experience. Hibbeler achieves this by calling on his everyday classroom experience and his knowledge of how students learn inside and outside of lectures. MasteringEngineering SI, the most technologically advanced online tutorial and homework system available, can be packaged with this edition.

for Engineers: 13th Edition Hibbeler SI Unit empowers students to succeed in the whole experience. for Engineers: offers a concise yet thorough presentation of engineering theory and application.

The material in Mechanics for Engineers: 13th Edition is reinforced with numerous examples to illustrate principles and imaginative, well-illustrated of varying degrees of difficulty.

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  • 1 General Principles
    2 Force Vectors
    3 Equilibrium of a Particle
    4 Force System Resultants
    5 Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
    6 Structural Analysis
    7 Internal Forces
    8 Friction
    9 Center of Gravity and Centroid
    10 Moments of Inertia
    11 Virtual Work

    A. Mathematical Review and Expressions
    Fundamental Problems: Partial Solutions and Answers
    Answers to Selected Problems
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