Engineering Mechanics of Solids – Egor P. Popov – 1st Edition


This presents a comprehensive, cross-referenced examination of of . Traditional topics are supplemented by several newly-emerging disciplines, such as the probabilistic basis for , and . Although retaining its character as a complete traditional book on mechanics of solids with advanced overtones from the first edition, the second edition of Engineering Mechanics of Solids has been significantly revised.

The book reflects an emphasis on the SI of units and presents a simpler approach for calculations of axial stress that provides a more obvious, intuitive approach. It also now includes a greater number of chapters as well as an expanded chapter on Mechanical Properties of Materials and introduces a number of avant-garde topics.

Among these topics are an advanced analytic expression for cyclic loading and a novel failure surface for brittle material. An essential reference book for civil, mechanical, and aeronautical engineers.

Table of Contents

1. Stress-Axial loads-Safety
2. Axial strain and deformations in bar
3. Generalized hooke´s law, pressure vessels, and thick-walled Cylinders
4. Torsion
5. Axial forcé, shear, and bending moment
6. Pure bending and bending with axial forces
7. Shear stresses in beams and related problems
8. Transformation of stress and strain and yield and fracture criteria
9. Elastic stress analysis nad design
10. Deflection of beams
11. Stability of equilibrium: Columns
12. Energy and virtual – work methods
13. Statically indeterminate problems
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