Engineering Mechanics: Statics – Anthony Bedford – 4th Edition


While covering the basic principles of mechanics in an example-driven format, this innovative book emphasizes critical thinking by presenting the reader with engineering situations. Compelling photorealistic art, and a robust photograph program helps readers to connect visually to the topics discussed. Features strong coverage of FBDs and important ABET topics. Chapter topics include: Vectors; Forces; Systems of Forces and Moments; Objects in Equilibrium; Structures In Equilibrium; Centroids and Centers of Mass; Moments of Inertia; Friction; Internal Forces and Moments; Virtual Work and Potential Energy. For professionals in mechanical, civil, aeronautical, or engineering mechanics fields.

Table of Contents

Systems of forces and moments.
Objects in balance.
Structures in equilibrium.
Centroids and centers of mass.
Moments of inertia.
Strengths and internal moments.
Virtual work and potential energy.

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