Engineering Mechanics: Statics – J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige – 5th Edition


The revision of this classic text continues to provide the same high quality material seen in previous editions. In addition, the fifth edition provides extensively rewritten, updated prose for content clarity, superb new problems, outstanding instruction on drawing free body diagrams, and new electronic supplements to assist learning and instruction.

Engineering Mechanics (Volume 1): Statics 5th Edition, authored by L. G. Kraige and J. L. Meriam, is a book that provides students with a set of problems which have accuracy, realism, applications, and variety. The realistic applications in this book motivate students to learn and further develop their problem solving skills. The book covers free body diagrams and lessons on how to draw them.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Statics.
Force Systems.
Distributed Forces.
Virtual Work.

Appendix A: Area Moments of Inertia.
Appendix B: Summary of Mass Moments of Inertia.
Appendix C: Selected Topics of Mathematics.
Appendix D: Useful Tables.

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