Engineering Mechanics: Statics – M. Plesha, G. Gray, F. Costanzo – 1st Edition


Plesha, Gray, and Costanzo’s Engineering : Statics & Dynamics presents the fundamental concepts, clearly, in a modern context using and pedagogical that connect with today’s students.
The text features a five-part problem-solving methodology that is consistently used throughout all example problems. This methodology helps students lay out the steps necessary to correct problem-formulation and explains the steps needed to arrive at correct and realistic . Once students have fully mastered the basic concepts, they are taught appropriate use of modern tools where applicable.

Further reinforcing the text’s modern emphasis, the authors have brought engineering considerations into selected problems where appropriate. This sensitizes students to the fact that engineering problems do not have a single answer and many different routes lead to a correct .

The first new mainstream text in in nearly twenty years, Plesha, Gray, and Costanzo’s Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics will help your students learn this important material efficiently and effectively.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Vectors: Force and Position
3. Equilibrium of Particles
4. Moment of a Force and Equivalent Force Systems
5. Equilibrium of Bodies
6. Structural Analysis and Machines
7. Centroids and Distributed Force Systems
8. Internal Forces
9. Friction
10. Moments of Inertia

A. Technical Writing
B. Answers to Selected Problems
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