Engineering Statistics – Douglas C. Montgomery – 5th Edition


Montgomery, Runger, and Hubele provide modern coverage of , focusing on how statistical tools are integrated into the engineering problem-solving . All major aspects of engineering statistics are covered, including descriptive statistics, and probability , statistical test and confidence intervals for one and two samples, building regression models, and analyzing engineering experiments, and statistical process control.

Developed with sponsorship from the National Foundation, this revision incorporates many insights from the authors’ teaching experience along with feedback from numerous adopters of previous editions.

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Table of Contents

1 The Role of Statistics in Engineering.
2 Data Summary and Presentation.
3 Random Variables and Probability Distributions.
4 Decision Making for a Single Sample.
5 Decision Making for Two Samples.
6 Building Empirical Models.
7 Design of Engineering Experiments.
8 Statistical Process Control.

A Statistical Tables and Charts.
B Bibliography.
C Answers to Selected Exercises.
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May 6, 2018 10:13 pm

This is an excellent book for both the student and instructor.

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