Essential College Physics – Andrew Rex, Richard Wolfson – 1st Edition


The goal of Essential College is to provide a focused on essential principles—a shorter, more focused book that better addresses the needs of today’s readers while more effectively guiding them through the mastery of physics. Brevity does not need to come at the expense of reader learning.

This is designed from the ground up to be concise and focused, resulting in a book that is less intimidating and easier to use, with well-coordinated explanations, art, worked examples, and end-of-chapter problems. It incorporates an overarching connected approach: connecting ideas within and across chapters; connecting with the real world; connecting words and math; and connecting with how today’s readers learn and how they use their book. In addition to providing a strong foundation that teaches physics principles, the text also focuses on readers’ problem-solving skills. The friendly, integrated approach, combined with the low price, makes Essential College Physics an invaluable book choice.

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Table of Contents

1. Measurements in Physics
2. Motion in One Dimension
3. Motion in Two Dimensions
4. Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion
5. Work and Energy
6. Momentum and Collisions
7. Oscillations
8. Rotational Motion
9. Gravitation
10. Solids and Fluids
11. Waves and Sound
12. Temperature, Thermal Expansion, and Ideal Gases
13. Heat
14. The Laws of Thermodynamics
15. Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields
16. Electric Energy, Potential, and Capacitors
17. Electric Current, Resistance, and Circuits
18. Magnetic Fields and Forces
19. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
20. Electromagnetic Waves and Special Relativity
21. Geometrical Optics
22. Wave Optics
23. Modern Physics
24. Atomic Physics
25. Nuclear Physics
26. A Universe of Particles

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Abdullah El-abdalla
01/08/2015 8:41 am

His books are excellent! They have plenty of example problems in each chapter and solutions to ALL other problems in the back of the book.

21/09/2021 4:41 am
Review this book: :

this book is good

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