Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists – Hans J. Weber, George B. Arfken – 1st Edition


This new adaptation of and Weber’s bestselling Mathematical for Physicists, Fifth Edition, is the most comprehensive, modern, and accessible for using to solve physics .

REVIEWERS SAY: “Examples are excellent. They cover a wide range of physics problems.” – Bing Zhou, University of Michigan

“The ideas are communicated very well and it is easy to understand…It has a more modern treatment than most, has a very complete range of topics and each is treated in sufficient detail….I’m not aware of another better book at this level…” -Gary Wysin, Kansas State University

* This is a more accessible version of Arken/Weber’s blockbuster reference, which already has more than 13,000 sales worldwide
* Many more detailed, worked-out examples illustrate how to use and apply mathematical techniques to solve physics problems
* More frequent and thorough explanations help readers understand, recall, and apply the theory
* New introductions and review material provide context and extra support for key ideas
* Many more routine problems reinforce basic, foundational concepts and computations

Table of Contents

Vector Analysis;
Vector Analysis in Curved Coordinated and Tensors;
Determinants and Matrices; Group Theory;
Infinite Series; Functions of a Complex Variable I;
Functions of a Complex Variable II;
Differential Equations;
Sturm-Liouville Theory - Orthogonal Functions;
The Gamma Function (Factorial Function);
Legendre Polynomials;
Bessell Functions;
Hermite and Laguerre Polynomials;
Fourier Series; Integral Transforms;
Partial Differential Equations;
Calculus of Variations;
Non-Linear Methods and Chaos
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