Experiments in Electronic Devices – H. Berlin, T. Floyd – 3rd Edition


This offers a comprehensive and practical of the basic concepts of electricity and electronics, with practical and problem solving. Written in a clear and accessible story, the third edition focuses on fundamental principles and their applications to solve real analysis problems.
With an eye-catching visual program and hands-on exercises, this offers readers problem-solving experiences like electronics need in engineering, or techniques.

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Table of Contents

Rules for Setting Up the Experiments
Format for the Experiments
Helpful Hints and Suggestions
The Laboratory Report
1 The Diode
2 Diode Rectifier Circuits
3 The Capacitor Input Rectifier Filter
4 The Diode Limiter
5 The Diode Clamper
6 The Diode Voltage Doubler
7 The Zener Diode and Voltage Regulation
8 Using a Multimeter to Test Transistor Diode Junctions
9 Transistor Base Biasing
10 Transistor Emitter Biasing
11 Transistor Voltage-Divider Biasing
12 Transistor Collector-Feedback Biasing
13 The Common-Emitter Amplifier
14 The Common-Collector Amplifier (Emitter-Follower)
15 The Combination Common-Emitter Amplifier and Emitter-Follower
16 The Common-Base Amplifier
17 The Class A Common-Emitter Power Amplifier
18 The Class B Push-Pull Emitter-Follower Power Amplifier
19 The JFET Drain Curve
20 The JFET Transfer Characteristic Curve
21 JFET Self-Bias
22 The Common-Source Amplifier
23 The Common-Drain Amplifier (Source-Follower)
24 Amplifier Low-Frequency Response
25 The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier
26 The Unijunction Transistor
27 Op-Amp Slew Rate
28 Op-Amp Common-Mode Rejection
29 Op-Amp Inverting and Noninverting Amplifiers
30 Op-Amp Comparators
31 Op-Amp Differentiator and Integrator
32 The Butterworth 2nd-Order Low-Pass Active Filter
33 The Butterworth 2nd-Order High-Pass Active Filter
34 The Active Band-Pass Filter
35 The Active Band-Stop Filter
36 The Phase-Shift Oscillator
37 The 555 Timer Astable Multivibrator
38 The Phase Detector
39 The 567 Phase-Locked Loop Tone Decoder
40 The Integrated-Circuit Voltage Regulator
A. Required Parts and Equipment for the Experiments
B. Data Sheets
C. The Self-Bias Curve for FETs
D. Testing Semiconductor Devices with a Multimeter
E. Resistor and Capacitor Codes and Standard Values

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