Feedback Control Dynamic Systems – Franklin, Powell, Emami-Naeini – 4th Edition


This revision of a top-selling textbook on with the associated web site,, provides greater instructor flexibility and student readability. Chapter 4 on A First of Feedback has been substantially rewritten to present the material in a more and effective manner.

A new case study on control introduces an important new area to the , and each chapter now includes a historical perspective to illustrate the origins of the field. As in earlier editions, the has been updated so that are based on the latest versions of and SIMULINK.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Linearized Dynamic Models.
2. Transfer Function Models of Physical Systems.
3. Modeling of Feedback Systems and Controllers.
4. The Performance of Feedback Systems.
5. Introduction to Feedback System Design.
6. The Root Locus Method.
7. Frequency Response Analysis.
8. Frequency Response Design.
9. Digital Control Systems.
10. Digital Control System Analysis and Design.
11. State-Space Analysis.
12. Introduction to State-Space Design.
13. Multivariable Systems in the Frequency Domain.
14. Nonlinear Control Systems.
Appendix A: Vectors, Matrices, and Determinants.
Appendix B: Computer Aids for Analysis and Design.
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Shorog Odah
November 4, 2015 1:00 pm

Got this for my college class.

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