Field and Wave Electromagnetics – David K. Cheng – 2nd Edition


Back Cover Field and Wave Electromagnetics, Second Edition features many examples of practical applications to give an excellent physical — as well as mathematical — understanding of important concepts. These include applications drawn from important new areas of such as optical fibers, radome design, satellite communication, and microstrip lines.

There is also added coverage of several new topics, including Hall effect, radar equation and scattering cross section, transients in transmission lines, waveguides and circular cavity resonators, wave in the ionosphere, and helical antennas. New exercises, new problems, and many worked-out examples make this complex material more accessible to students.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Vector analysis and electromagnetic fields in empty space.
Chapter 2: Differential vector equations and differential equations of Maxwell in empty space.
Chapter 3: Maxwell equations and boundary conditions for material regions in idle state.
Chapter 4: Static and quasi-static electric fields.
Chapter 5: Static and quasi-static magnetic fields.
Chapter 6: Reflection and transmission of waves with normal incidence in plane borders.
Chapter 7: Poynting's theorem and electromagnetic power.
Chapter 8: Theory of modes in waveguides.
Chapter 9: TEM waves in two-wire transmission lines.
Chapter 10: Analysis of transmission lines with reflections.
Chapter 11: Radiation from antennas in empty space.

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