Finance for the Non–Financial Manager – Gene Siciliano – 1st Edition


reports speak their own language, and managers without a strong finance background often find themselves bewildered by what is being said. Finance for Non-Financial Managers helps managers become familiar with essential financial information, showing them how to “speak the language of numbers” and implement financial data in their daily decisions. In addition, it clarifies how and why financial impact and operational objectives.

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Table of Contents

A. Other titles in the Briefcase Books series include:
B. Preface
1. Counting the Beans:
2. The Structure and Interrelationship of Financial Statements
3. The Balance Sheet:
4. The Income Statement: The Flow of Progress
5. Profit vs. Cash Flow:
6. The Cash Flow Statement: Tracking the King
7. Critical Performance Factors:
8. Cost Accounting:
9. Business Planning:
10. The Annual Budget: Financing Your Plans
11. Financing the Business:
12. Attracting Outside Investors: The Entrepreneur's Path

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