Financial Accounting for Decision Makers – Atrill & McLaney – 6th Edition


A comprehensive and accessible introduction to the subject, for Decision Makers with MyAccountingLab focuses on the ways in which financial statements and information can be used to improve the of decision making. By introducing topics gradually and explaining technical in a clear, friendly style, the authors cater both for accounting students, and for those studying entry-level accounting within another field.

The practical emphasis throughout the book ensures that the material is always relevant, whilst the MyAccountingLab developed as a companion to this text provides an even greater level of support for learners and instructors than was previously available.

What is MyAccountingLab?
It is an tutorial and assessment that has been gaining popularity with and instructors across the globe for over ten years. With more than 300,000 registered students in 2010 doing 4 million assignments, MyAccountingLab is the most effective and reliable learning solution for accounting available today. Features include:

– A personalised study plan for each
A bank which can be used for self-study or assigned by instructors as homework, tests or quizzes and which are automatically marked
– Learning aids which help guide step-by-step through solving a problem and provides them with instant feedback
– An annotatable for quick reference and convenience
– Exportable gradebook

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to accounting
2. Measuring and reporting financial position
3. Measuring and reporting financial performance
4. Accounting for limited companies (1)
5. Accounting for limited companies (2)
6. Measuring and reporting cash flows
7. Analysing and interpreting financial statements (1)
8. Analysing and interpreting financial statements (2)
9. Reporting the financial results of groups of companies
10. Increasing the scope of financial reporting
11. Governing a company

Appendix A Recording financial transactions.
Appendix B Glossary of key terms
Appendix C Solutions to self-assessment questions
Appendix D Solutions to review questions
Appendix E Solutions to selected exercises

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