Financial Accounting – John J. Wild – 4th Edition


“Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions, 4e” addresses the topics and issues typically covered in while at the same time motivating interest in accounting through its extensive use of entrepreneurial examples, application of analysis skills, of interactive tutorial software, and a highly engaging pedagogical design. This thoroughly integrates ideas and practices followed by today’s business entrepreneurs, speaking more directly to students and better preparing them for the workforce they will enter.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Accounting in Business
Chapter 2: Analyzing and Recording Transactions
Chapter 3: Adjusting Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements
Chapter 4: Accounting for Merchandising Operations
Chapter 5: Inventories and Cost of Sales
Chapter 6: Cash and Internal Controls
Chapter 7: Accounts and Notes Receivable
Chapter 8: Long-Term Assets
Chapter 9: Current Liabilities
Chapter 10: Long-Term Liabilities
Chapter 11: Corporate Reporting and Analysis
Chapter 12: Reporting and Analyzing Cash Flows
Chapter 13: Analyzing Financial Statements
Chapter 14: Managerial Accounting Concepts and Principles
Chapter 15: Job Order Costing and Analysis
Chapter 16: Process Costing and Analysis
Chapter 17: Activity-Based Costing and Analysis
Chapter 18: Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Chapter 19: Variable Costing and Performance Reporting
Chapter 20: Master Budgets and Performance Planning
Chapter 21: Flexible Budgets and Standard Costing
Chapter 22: Decentralization and Performance Evaluation
Chapter 23: Relevant Costing for Managerial Decisions
Chapter 24: Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis

Appendix A: Financial Statement Information
Appendix B: Applying Present and Future Values
Appendix C: Investments and International Operations
Appendix D: Accounting for Partnerships (Web only)
Appendix E: Accounting with Special Journals (Web only)

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