Financial Accounting – Walter T. Harrison – 8th Edition


helps “nail” the accounting cycle up front in order to increase success and retention later on. The concepts and students learn in the critical ‘accounting cycle’ chapters are used consistently and repetitively–and with clear-cut details and explanations–throughout the remainder of the text, minimizing confusion.

A solid enhancement to already solid fundamentals, the eighth edition now features new co-author Bill Thomas of Baylor who brings his expertise on auditing, ethics, and internal controls to key sections of the .

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Table of Contents

1: The Financial Statements
2: Transaction Analysis
3: Accrual Accounting & Income
4: Internal Control & Cash
5: Short-Term Investments & Receivables
6: Inventory & Cost of Goods Sold
7: Plant Assets & Intangibles
8: Liabilities
9: Stockholders’ Equity
10: Long-Term Investments & International Operations
11: The Income Statement & the Statement of Stockholders’ Equity
12: The Statement of Cash Flows
13: Financial Statement Analysis

Appendix A: 2008 Annual Report
Appendix B: 2007 Foot Locker Annual Report
Appendix C: Time Value of Money: Future Value & Present Value
Appendix D: Charts of Accounts
Appendix E: Summary of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Appendix F: Summary of Differences Between US GAAP & IFRS Cross Referenced to Chapter
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