A First Course in Abstract Algebra – J. Fraleigh – 7th Edition


Considered a classic by many, A First in is an in-depth introduction to abstract . Focused on groups, rings and , this text gives a firm foundation for more specialized work by emphasizing an understanding of the nature of algebraic .

Salient Features

  • This classical approach to abstract algebra focuses on .
  • The text is geared toward high-level courses at schools with strong mathematics programs.
  • Accessible pedagogy includes historical notes written by Victor Katz, an authority on the history of math.
  • By opening with a study of group theory, this text provides students with an easy transition to axiomatic mathematics.

Table of Contents

1. Groups and subgroups
2. Permutations, cosets, and direct products
3. Homomorphisms and factor groups
4. Rings and fields
5. Ideals and factor rings
6. Extension fields
7. Advanced group theory
8. Groups in topology
9. Factorization.
10. Automorphisms and galos theory
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