A First Course in Complex Analysis with Applications – Dennis G. Zill – 1st Edition


A First Course in Analysis with Applications is a truly accessible introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of analysis. Designed for the undergraduate with a background but no prior experience with complex variables, this text discusses theory of the most relevant mathematical topics in a student-friendly manner.

With ’s clear and straightforward writing style, concepts are introduced through numerous examples and clear illustrations. are guided and supported through numerous proofs providing them with a higher level of mathematical insight and maturity. Each chapter contains a separate section on the applications of complex variables, providing with the opportunity to develop a practical and clear understanding of complex analysis.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Complex Numbers and the Complex Plane
Chapter 2: Complex Functions and Mappings
Chapter 3: Analytic Functions
Chapter 4: Elementary Functions
Chapter 5: Integration in the Complex Plane
Chapter 6: Series and Residues
Chapter 7: Conformal Mappings
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