A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications – Dennis G. Zill – 7th Edition


This proven and accessible book speaks to beginning and math through a wealth of pedagogical aids, including an abundance of examples, explanations, “Remarks” boxes, definitions, and group projects. Written in a straightforward, readable, and helpful style, the book provides a thorough treatment of boundary-value problems and partial .

A work that has been characterized by a clear and simple exposure in the teaching of differential equations, and by the creation of models and the use of technology to solve problems. Likewise, it reflects a clear delimitation of the three ways of approaching the differential equations: analytical, qualitative and numerical. In this edition the sections of exercises have been improved with new problems that in some cases require the use of an algebraic program.

Table of Contents

Introduction to differential equations
First order differential equations
Modeling with First Order Differential Equations
Higher order differential equations
Modeling with higher-order differential equations
Solutions in the form of power series of linear equations
The Laplace transform
Systems of first-order linear differential equations
Numerical methods for solving ordinary differential equations
Orthogonal functions and Fourier series
Differential equations in partial derivatives and boundary value problems in rectangular coordinates
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