A First Course in Statistics – James T. McClave, Terry Sincich – 8th Edition


James T. McClave & Terry Sincich in this introduction to statistics presents balanced coverage of both the theory and application of statistics and at the same time helps students develop and enhance their critical thinking skills.

It shows students how to analyze data that appear in situations in the world around them and features an abundance of examples and exercises-nearly all based on current, real-world applications pulled from journals, magazines, news articles, and commerce.

Table of Contents

1. Statistics, Data, and Statistical Thinking.
2. Methods for Describing Sets of Data.
3. Probability.
4. Random Variables and Probability Distribution.
5. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Estimation with Confidence Intervals.
6. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Tests of Hypotheses.
7. Comparing Population Means.
8. Comparing Population Proportions.
9. Simple Linear Regression.

Appendix A. Tables.

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Review :

His books are excellent! They have plenty of example problems in each chapter and solutions to ALL other problems in the back of the book.

Review :

Excellent textbook. Just need to study more since the problems is where things get tough and requires a real good understanding just to solve.