Quantum Physics: Berkeley Physics Course. Vol. 4 – Eyvind H. Wichmann – 4th Edition


This classic text is widely considered to be the best overall introductory text on the subject . It has a complete and integrated coverage suitable for someone who wants to understand the underlying concepts of the subject.

The is a series of written mostly by UC professors. The series consists of the following five volumes, each of which was originally used over the of one semester at Berkeley.

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  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Magnitudes of Physical Quantities in Quantum Physics.
    3. Energy Levels.
    4. Photons.
    5. Material Particles
    6. The Uncertainty Principle and the Theory of Measurements.
    7. The Wave Mechanics of Schrodinger.
    8. Theory of Stationary States.
    9. The Elementary Particles and their Interactions.
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