Fluid Mechanics – Frank White – 4th Edition


White’s Fluid is praised for its thorough and accurate approach, student friendly writing style, and its concise yet accessible coverage. The version of the text presents these features and more in a CD-ROM with expanded descriptions of certain and diagrams through links. The E-Text enhances the text’s elegant and solid description of the fundamentals.

This fourth edition includes the addition of over 500 new problems, divided categories of “applied problems,” “comprehensive applied problems,” “ projects,” “word problems” and “FE ( of engineering exam) problems.” The also has an updated, modern and includes many useful pedagogical and motivational aids such as a perforated “Key Equations Card,” boxed equations, and opening chapter photos.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Pressure Distribution in a Fluid
Chapter 3: Integral Relations for a Control Volume
Chapter 4: Differential Relations for a Fluid Particle
Chapter 5: Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
Chapter 6: Viscous Flow in Ducts
Chapter 7: Flow Past Immersed Bodies
Chapter 8: Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 9: Compressible Flow
Chapter 10: Open-Channel Flow
Chapter 11: Turbomachinery

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