Foundation Design: Theory and Practice – N. S. V. Kameswara Rao – 1st Edition


In Foundation Design: Theory and Practice, Professor N. S. V. Kameswara covers the key aspects of the subject, including principles of testing, interpretation, analysis, soil-structure interaction modeling, construction guidelines, and to rational design. Rao presents a wide array of used in analyses so that readers can employ and adapt them on their own. Throughout the book the emphasis is on practical application, training readers in actual design procedures using the latest codes and standards in use throughout the world.

is designed for graduate in civil engineering and geotechnical engineering. The book is also ideal for advanced undergraduate students, contractors, builders, developers, heavy machine manufacturers, and power plant engineers. Students in will find the chapter on machine foundations helpful for engineering applications.

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  • 1 Introduction.
    2 Engineering Properties of Soil.
    3 Bearing Capacity, Settlement, Stresses and Lateral Pressures in Soils.
    4 Rational Design of Shallow Foundations.
    5 Analysis of Footings on Elastic Foundations.
    6 Numerical and Finite Difference Methods.
    7 Finite Element Method.
    8 Parameters and Criteria for Foundation Design.
    9 Deep Foundations – Piles, Drilled Piers, Caissons and Pile-Raft Systems.
    10 Design of Piles and Pile Groups.
    11 Machine Foundations.
    12 Structural Design of Foundations.
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25/10/2016 4:15 pm

Excellent textbook. Just need to study more since the problems is where things get tough and requires a real good understanding just to solve.

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