Fundamentals of Corporate Finance – Richard A. Brealey – 4th Edition


The Brealey author team is world renowned for outstanding research and teaching, as well as for writing market-leading . The authors’ writing style and approach to the topic of corporate finance is relaxed and readable, which makes the content especially approachable for .

The focus of the text is on applying modern finance and providing students with a working ability to make financial . The authors do not assume that the students have any background knowledge in finance and therefore provide written examples and in-depth explanations to help students become familiar with the material.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction
Ch. 1 The Firm and the Financial Manager
Ch. 2 The Financial Environment
Ch. 3 Accounting and Finance

Part Two: Value
Ch. 4 The Time Value of Money
Ch. 5 Valuing Bonds
Ch. 6 Valuing Stocks
Ch. 7 Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria
Ch. 8 Using Discounted Cash-Flow Analysis to Make Investment Decisions
Ch. 9 Project Analysis

Part Three: Risk
Ch. 10 Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Opportunity Cost of Capital
Ch. 11 Risk, Return, and Capital Budgeting
Ch. 12 The Cost of Capital

Part Four: Financing
Ch. 13 An Overview of Corporate Financing
Ch. 14 How Corporations Issue Securities

Part Five: Capital Structure and Dividend Policy
Ch. 15 Debt Policy
Ch. 16 Dividend Policy

Part Six: Financial Planning
Ch. 17 Financial Statement Analysis
Ch. 18 Financial Planning
Ch. 19 Working Capital Management and Short-Term Planning

Part Seven: Short-term Financial Decisions
Ch. 20 Cash and Inventory Management
Ch. 21 Credit Management and Bankruptcy

Part Eight: Selected Topics
Ch. 22 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Control
Ch. 23 International Financial Management
Ch. 24 Options
Ch. 25 Risk Management

Part Nine: Conclusion
Ch. 26 What We Do and Do Not Know About Finance
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