Fundamental Physics for Probing and Imaging – Wade Allison – 1st Edition


has reduced fear and increased safety for society, largely by extending the to see. The used are magnetic resonance, ionising radiation and sound, with their extensions.

This expounds the fundamental of these. It follows how they are applied by modern to “seeing” in clinical including therapy and in other spheres of human activity such as archaeology, geophysics, security and navigation. By taking a broad view over the whole field, the encourages comparisons, underlines the importance of public education and reaches fresh conclusions of some political importance concerning safety.

This has developed from a course given to third year at Oxford and is written so that it can be used coherently as a basis for shorter courses by omitting certain chapters.

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Table of Contents

1: Physics for security
2: Magnetism and magnetic resonance
3: Interactions of ionising radiation
4: Mechanical waves and properties of matter
5: Information and data analysis
6: Analysis and damage by irradiation
7: Imaging with magnetic resonance
8: Medical imaging and therapy with ionising radiation
9: Ultrasound for imaging and therapy
10: Forward look and conclusions

Appendices: Conventions, nomenclature and units.
Glossary of terms and abbreviations.
Hints and answers to selected questions.

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