Fundamentals of Acoustics – Lawrence E. Kinsler – 4th Edition


The classic acoustics reference! This widely-used offers a clear treatment of the fundamental principles underlying the generation, transmission, and reception of acoustic and their application to numerous fields.

The authors analyze the various types of of solid bodies and the propagation of sound through media.

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    1. Transverse Motion: The Vibrating String.

    2. Vibrations of Bars.

    3. The Two-Dimensional Wave Equation: Vibrations of Membranes and Plates.

    4. The Acoustic Wave Equation and Simple Solutions.

    5. Reflection and Transmission.

    6. Radiation and Reception of Acoustic Waves.

    7. Absorption and Attenuation of Sound.

    8. Cavities and Waveguides.

    9. Pipes, Resonators, and Filters.

    10. Noise, Signal Detection, Hearing, and Speech.

    11. Architectural Acoustics.

    12. Environmental Acoustics.

    13. Transduction.

    14. Underwater Acoustics.

    15. Selected Nonlinear Acoustic Effects.

    16. Shock Waves and Explosions.

    • Appendices.

    • Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.

    • Index.

  • Citation

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