Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering – Braja Das – 3rd Edition


of combines the essential components of Braja Das’ market leading texts, Principles of Engineering and Principles of Foundation Engineering. The text includes the of as well as foundation engineering without becoming cluttered with excessive details and alternatives. Foundations.

Features a wealth of worked out examples, as well as figures to help students with theory and problem solving skills. Das maintains the careful balance of current and practical field that has made his the leaders in the field.

Table of Contents

1 - Geotechnical Engineering - A Historical Perspective
2 - Soil Deposits and Grain - Size Analysis
3 - Weight-Volume Relationships, Plasticity, and Soil Classification
4 - Soil Compaction
5 - Hydraulic Conductivity and Seepage
6 - Stresses in Soil Mass
7 - Consolidation
8 - Shear Strength of Soil
9 - Slope Stability
10 - Subsurface Exploration
11 - Lateral Earth Pressure
12 - Shallow Foundations - Bearing Capacity and Settlement
13 - Retaining Walls and Braced Cuts
14 - Deep Foundations - Piles and Drilled Shafts
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